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It is a pleasure to introduce Whiter Image and we hope to first earn your respect as a potential business partner in the explosive, $14 billion teeth whitening industry. Whiter Image is a proven leader in 7 countries with premier accounts including Trump Towers, Wynn Las Vegas, Starwood VO, Treasure Island, and the Planet Beach Contempo Spa Group among others. We are also a founding member of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and co-authored the Best Practices Protocol. Whiter Image has also been featured in numerous industry publications including Global Cosmetics Industry (GCI), SELF, Beauty Store Business, Modern Salon, NAILS, BOHO, Spa Magazine, and Salons Unlimited. We mention this because we want to demonstrate a reputation for excellence and a dedication to helping our accounts experience the best teeth whitening results and profits as we build a strong business partnership together.

Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile and Whiter Image is proud to offer some of the most innovative, effective, and beautifully packaged teeth whitening solutions in the market. For instant results, we offer one of the most advanced, yet simplified, products in the industry with our Premium Prefilled Tray Teeth Whitening System featuring patent pending European technology. This product is self-administered by your customers and delivers immediate gratification when used with our Italian designed LED light. This product offers incredible profits and outstanding results for your customers.

For whitening on-the-go, we offer our stylish and effective TOGO Teeth Whitening Pens. Each of our pens feature beautiful, elegant packaging and offer the latest in applicator technology. The ?Whiter Image TOGO Teeth Whitening Pen? includes 60+ applications of our triple-action, stabilized hydrogen peroxide whitening gel supported by hydrators and accelerators designed for results even with sensitive teeth. Second is the Whiter Image ?Chic-Flic Teeth Whitening & Lip Gloss Plumper Pen? featuring both our premium teeth whitening gel and our proprietary Lip Gloss Plumper in one stylish casing with white stones and mini LED lights and mirrors built in for easy application. The Lip Gloss Plumper is 80% organic and goes on very smooth and clear with a blue base for the customers whitest smile! This is the first product of its kind in the market offering beauty, convenience, and results at an affordable price for all of your female clients!

At Whiter Image, we recognize the importance in offering only the finest solutions with quality, technology, and innovation in mind to whiten teeth and serve customers. Our focus and determination is to provide superior teeth whitening results and a unique and aggressive business plan to ensure success. We look forward to a relationship together and hope you will take a moment to review the attached information and click on the following link to review our online multimeida presentation.

Thank you for your time and Please Click Here For Our Brief Media Presentation and Brochure