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HairArt has thrived as an industry leader for the last 30 years. Our company is behind breakthrough technology that shapes the product standards for the rest of the beauty and salon industry.

HairArt is located in our new Southern California location and we continue to distribute our products throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and other Latin Countries. HairArt has become one of the most trusted and recognized brands in salons and cosmetology schools due to our competitive prices, excellent customer service and good, quality products.

Located in Southern California, we distribute our products throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and other Latin American Countries.

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Mission Statement
HairArt products, provides high-grade, technologically advanced hair styling products and exemplary customer service to salons, spas, schools and other beauty professionals.

Company Brands:
• HairArt Products
• House of European Hair
• Invisitab
• The Russian Collection
• HairArt Salons