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We are a New York based, private label manufacturer / wholesaler of Cosmetics & Brushes - established in 1988.  We offer exceptional quality products to wholesale companies that sell products under their own name. With low minimums, our fully stocked product line is ready for you to label or can be professionally printed for you. Choose from our large selection of stocked goods or we can custom fill into your own packaging.
NATURAL & ORGANIC MAKEUP:  A natural formulation, infused with Certified Organic ingredients. The formulas utilize a natural preservative system, and most are VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE!
ColorStrokes offers a clean, pure, natural and beautiful alternative to conventional cosmetics – free from toxins, irritants and chemicals without compromising on performance or durability. MINERAL MAKEUP:  Our award winning Mineral based Makeup is available in a wide range of colors, formulations and packaging choice, Our low minimum, custom fill & labeling program allow you to create your own look quickly & afford-ably. COSMETIC BRUSHES: Over 500 cosmetic brush styles are stocked for immediately availability, as well as custom-made brushes to your own specifications.  Collections include 100% synthetic Vegan.  Add your company name to our existing stock or let us create something entirely custom for you.  Add your company name to existing stock or let us create a custom look for you.
Private Label Brushes & Makeup with Low Minimums!