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A long time ago "made in the U.S.A." would stand for integrity & unsurpassed quality. But as we all know times have changed and the way people think about American made products has changed. More and more American companies have had to sacrifice quality for a better price in order to compete in the world wide market. Now that the economy in the U.S.A. is better than its ever been so is the U.S.A. quality. Better automobiles, better pricing. Better instruments.

At Bianco Brothers, we believe the best way to choose a shear is to take that complicated decision and break it into smaller, less complex choices. Choose a blade that will give you the performance you need. Select a handle that will give you comfort, and fit your style of cutting. Pick a length based on the techniques you use. Then you only need to consider shears that offer the combination of features you have determined you need. This is the intelligent way to find the right shear. Although we make many models, by applying this formula, you can narrow down your choices to only one or two.

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