Dr. Gram, Inc.

PO Box 500927
San Diego, CA 92150
United States of America


Dr. Gram wants you to treat your skin with love, after all - it's the only one you've got!

With over a decade of experience as a compounding pharmacist, Dr. Gram has helped countless patients solve their skin problems including severe acne, sun damage and skin aging with his passionate "put your skin first™" philosophy. In addition to developing a cult following in beauty-conscious San Diego, Dr. Gram has worked with several top physicians and dermatologists to develop prescription skincare products. Some of the most-recognized names in dermatology owe their success to the genius of Dr. Grams expert formulas.

With SKIN1 by Dr. Gram, Dr. Gram brings years of expertise behind the pharmacy counter to retail, so that everyone can experience his unique approach to skincare. Designed for specific skin types and adjusted for different stages of life, each product in the SKIN1 by Dr. Gram line features integrated compounds of the highest quality, along with winning combinations of natural, organic, and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. In addition, all SKIN1 by Dr. Gram products contain Dr. Grams signature Nutra-Vt Complex™, which is a combination of anti-oxidants, skin rejuvenators and moisturizers. Free from parabens, sulfates and entirely cruelty-free, SKIN1 by Dr. Gram is expertly crafted using synergistic ingredient sets that produce remarkable results.