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VNC Sales & Marketing is dedicated to improving the professional beauty industry by setting the standard for professional sales representation. Manufacturers choose VNC Sales & Marketing because of our steadfast dedication to our core business principles of working hard, being honest and honing good communication skills in order to build long-term business relationships.

We represent select like-minded manufacturers who desire to grow their business the old fashion way.the right way.the only way. We dont apologize for our success and neither should you.

VNC Sales & Marketing has grown to become the most successful multi-territorial sales organization in the professional beauty industry. Our success is due in large part to our solid relationships with the manufacturers we represent and the clients we service. Anyone can get lucky and sell something once. We make our own luck by leveraging our expertise in the marketplace with the result being a long term thriving business.

Our unique management team creates an important distinction at VNC Sales & Marketing. We have seasoned beauty industry business partners/owners managing each of our territories. This important oversight increases our accountability to everyone. Our managers also handle accounts in order to keep them “in the game”. It is difficult to convince the manufacturers we represent and the clients we service that we are in touch with their needs if our business unit managers never leave their offices!

To learn more about VNC Sales & Marketing call 800-888-7377.