Nexxus was formed in 1979 when a father-and-son team of visionaries pooled their creative and business talents. The father, beauty industry legend Jheri Redding, had already co-founded three major national hair care companies: Jheri Redding Products Co., Redken and Jhirmack Enterprises and the son, Stephen J. Redding, was a well-established beauty care professional. Both experts saw a niche in the market that needed to be filled to satisfy consumer demand: high quality professional caliber products that were naturally based but that also incorporated the most state of the art technologies.

Inspired by the ancient Greeks, their love of beauty and their belief in natural harmony, the Reddings named their new company "nexus," which means connecting or binding together, in Greek. It was also a natural acronym - reinforced with an extra "x" - for their philosophies behind their product development: Nature and Earth United with Science.