Many customers ask us, "What makes you better than your competitors?" When you get right down to it, almost all software designed for salons and spas will do the same basic things (sales, appointments, clients, employees, inventory, reports, etc.) So how do you decide what is best when they are all pretty much the same? Simple, just look at each of the points below. The rest of this page is designed to educate you on how to make the best decision by properly evaluating all your options and thinking about some things that most of our competitors don't want you to ask about.

If you are looking for software to manage your salon, spa, tanning or medi-spa business, your search is over. Insight Salon and Spa Software is a highly advanced system designed specifically for use in the beauty and esthetics industry. Its intuitive design, powerful features, and ease of use make our system the premier salon and spa management system on the market.

Our software is currently being used by thousands of salons, spas, medi-spas and tanning salons ranging from single operator salons to full service spas with multiple locations hundreds of employees. From single PC installations to 100 computer networks and centralized call centers, the Insight Salon and Spa Software can handle it all. That versatility makes Insight the perfect choice for any salon or spa...including yours.

We have made an unparalleled commitment to providing excellent customer support for all of our clients.big or small. Our goal is to become a vital partner in the continued success of each business using the Insight software.

When you purchase Insight, we include one full year of unlimited technical support via our toll-free number. When you are comparing support plans make sure they are giving you toll-free support. The fact that we are paying all the long distance charges is a great motivator to make sure we have created the easiest most reliable software available. In most cases you will also notice that our toll-free support package is actually less expensive than our competitors packages where you pay extra for long distance charges.

This is another area where almost everyone claims their support is the best. Don't believe any of them...even us. Anyone can say they have great support in a brochure but that doesn't mean it is true. The only true way to know what you are getting with customer support is to put everyone to the test and compare each company. Pick a time in the middle of a day and call each customer support number and ask them to show you how to do something simple like booking an appointment. On average, 65% of calls to our customer support line were directly answered by a support rep while 35% were sent to voice mail. Of the customers that had to leave a message, 94% were called back within 30 minutes. A few months back, our sales department spoke to three customers (on the same day) that wanted to look into switching to Insight because the support they were getting from their existing software was brutal. In each case, they were upset with the amount of time it took to have their initial calls returned. Three separate competitors...the best response time was 2 days, the next was 3 days and the worst was over 2 weeks.

I can't even guess why it would take that long to return a phone call. So, I ask you this: "When you have a question, how long can you afford to wait?"