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21st Century Laboratory and Dr. Frank Tavakoli has undertaken a revolutionary approach when manufacturing his multiple lines of professional hair care products. His specialty is utilizing ultra-purified water and cold manufacturing process, so the potency of vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals remain intact versus the traditional manufacturing approach of heating the products. This is a win-win approach for hairstylists and consumers - fewer preservatives, all-natural ingredients which translates into ultra premium hair care products.
Dr. Tavakoli started in the beauty business by opening one salon and turning it into the largest collection of salons in Texas. During his years as a salon owner, he became greatly concerned about hairstylists and their long-term exposure to chemicals in their work. Concerned that this exposure could leave hairstylists at greater risk of getting cancer or having other chronic health problems, he began creating hair care products using as many botanicals and natural ingredients and as few chemicals as possible. His goal was to create products that are good for hairstylists, the consumer, and good for the environment.
21st Century Laboratory is committed to a healthy hair and healthy scalp approach. Most professional and consumer product lines focus on improving the appearance of hair, regardless of the residue most shampoos and conditioners leave on the scalp.
?What coats your hair will coat your scalp,? according to Dr. Tavakoli. "If you have weak follicles, then that becomes an additional factor for hair loss. None of our shampoos and conditioners will ever coat the scalp."
As someone said so succinctly, ?What Apple, and Google are doing in computer world, 21st Century Laboratory are doing in hair care world."
His product lines include: